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Let's try Bandcamp out! Here are three songs I wrote with/about some comics friends in like 2009. A surprising amount of the audio here is from 2009 too.

Thank you for listening. You can hear other songs that I made at There will be more.


released September 17, 2016


Sanjay Kulkaček is friend #1 and his intellectual property appears in song 1, his namesake/likeness appears in song 3, AND he drew the artwork! You can visit him at You can also visit him at J7B at SPX this weekend and he might give you a piece of paper telling you to come to this website! Maybe he already has. Thank you.

Connor Delaney is the second friend. He helped me rewrite the second song into a song about(?) him! It was already sort of a style parody of him to begin with. His former self still haunts

The final shadow friends are Morgan Quirk and Lukas Wong-Achorn, whose project "Red Giraffe" is not with us anymore. In fact, I'm told that Lukas is hard to come by these days. He voiced Sonic the Hedgehog in a thing of mine once and it was a life-changing performance. I guess he took off after that to spend some time with his family or something. Here's to Lukas, wherever he may be.


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Dictionary Attack Queens, New York

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Track Name: Cowbirds In Love
Cowbirds in love and nobody knows
but cowbirds are gonna wait for no one
When they catch on, gradually,
you will see the town light up for
cowbirds in love. They don't understand
They're perfectly comfortable in their situation
They have each other and they're totally engulfed

Cowbirds in love make local news
and here's the marching crowd and light show
Military man points at the love
shouting excitedly and waving
Cowbirds in love, infatuated
disregard the cries of Military Man
Cowbirds in love are forever in love
Track Name: Connor Delaney
Drowned like a rat and washed ashore
Brand new environs to explore
I start my trek across the land
Beautiful little butterflies
Colorful wings and Compound Eyes
Thinking they're better than I am

Put on my best t-shirt and jeans
Went out to meet a guy like me
Told me he knows a secret truth
"Every difference is the same
The most we can do is place the blame
Hope no one ever asks for proof"
Sat down to think this through alone
and a Harvester stole away my bones
I bet you think that couldn't happen to you

Shell on the beach rings like a phone
Inside, I hear, in muffled tones,
"We're not so different you and me
Tell me what's unique about you
Hey, we have that in common too"
I shut my big mouth in defeat
Tells me, "for better or for worse
I think you're ready and rehearsed
to be the new Connor Delaney"
Track Name: Red Giraffe
Red Giraffe takes a walk
out of the jungle playset
Into the living room
He spies a little snack
Green houseplant, you have nothing to fear
Red Giraffe cannot reach you
His corn syrup body's hardened
His neck's no longer pliable

Red Giraffe, wrecked by eons of neglect evolves to something unbelievable

Red Giraffe, in the past
could stretch to the height of Sanjay
but Sanjay grows ever taller
taller than giraffes
And his dumb face turns into a boat
and sails away from the playset
but he knows they'll meet someday somewhere
and Red Giraffe can tell him how he feels

The water rejuvenates him
and he can stretch up to breathe
But Sanjay fires a harpoon

Red Giraffe, wrecked by eons of neglect evolves to something unbelievable - unbelievably sad

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